About Navita

Who We Are

As a sailor in the United States Navy, we were trained to adhere to a set of Core Values which consist of Honor, Courage, and Commitment. As I transitioned out of the military and into civilian life I quickly realized that the values that had been instilled in me were not the norm. In corporate America where the core values are framed on the wall, and the mission statement is printed at the bottom of the corporate stationary I still found few that could tell me what they were.

As we were going through the conceptual design of Navita our Core Values were number one on the list. With a close second being our mission statement.

These two components are the foundation of Navita, and we strive for these to not be words on a page, but minds in actions.

Mission Statement

Navita is a service oriented company with a passion for delivering solutions to our clients in a way that makes technology an asset. We strive daily to build trust, and trust is built when the desired results are recognized on a consistent basis.